guess what came in the mail today :D :D :D

  1. hypertoparallepsis said: Whoah that is so awesome and suits you so much! Also.. is that a tattoo?? Awesome tattoo!!
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    Not gonna lie. I’d be thrilled to see Analiese in that dress.
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  5. silvermccoy said: you look so cute!!
  6. thisisadickinson said: hey are those dresses worthwhile? I kinda want a blue one but i don’t have much spending money ;_;
  7. corvidcharlie said: wHERE CAN I GET ONE
  8. vulcangirlsdoitwithlogic said: You are too cute. :) P.S. I love your tattoo and the dress.
  9. thissimplefeeling said: so cute!
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    lauren i can’t i CANNOT