yeah but is anybody surprised re: the new trek trailer

(you know what part i’m talking about)

fuckin jj & co


  1. john harrison turns out to be a weird hybrid of khan/gary mitchell, even if they don’t say it explicitly
  2. carol marcus turns evil and tries to seduce kirk 
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  1. silentcameo said: maybe it’ll be a great action movie… but it won’t be a Star Trek for me :c
  2. saffronsugar said: sf disenchanted with jj & his shenanigans
  3. madammistress said: What I really want from that scene is for her to be all ‘why are you looking at me when I’m mostly naked?’ b/c she looks all WTF to me in that shot.
  4. quigonjesus said: sigh. i’m still excited for this movie but so far it just…doesn’t feel like star trek idk
  5. ghost-nappa said: I’m still having trouble believing that’s Carol Marcus, but I get the feeling she’ll be working with Harrison.
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