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    Can I have your room? And also perhaps friendshiiiipppp?
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    The best part of this also is that the Kirk decal is in line with my door so it’s the first thing people see as they’re...
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  6. readinglist32 said: this is beautiful it looks like heaven. is that the inflatable captain’s chair? how do you keep it from blowing up? this is amazing/pretty.
  7. matchesfloral said: adorable.
  8. paintchipped said: a fangirl’s wet dream. also: I SPY LEMONY SNICKET BOOKS METHINKS
  9. chispita88 said: I am so jealous of your room!!
  10. stcrks said: Oooooh I adore your room! :)
  11. do-you-have-a-flag said: i am so envious of everything ugh
  12. warpspeedaheaddoctor said: All that Star Trek stuff IS SO CoOL!
  13. tessolved-girl said: whoah it’s so decorated and CLEAN how do???