There’s a study abroad program with the English department that’s:

"Victorian London’s Underworld

"We’ll read Victorian fiction that focuses on 19th century London’s poor,¬†dispossessed,¬†murderous¬† promiscuous, or just plain naughty."

omfg can i juST

  1. starpeas said: ooh argentina~
  2. letsdostupidshit said: I’ll choose for you. THIS
  3. sharpielove said: WHAT. I WANT. WHERE’S THE INFO?
  4. blindbombshell said: NGL - I want to sign-up for that class like, right now. Do they accept people who aren’t in college? XD Might I suggest a pro-con list or flowchart?
  5. jcatgrl said: Clearly, you need a time-turner.
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